Get Financial Advice With Money Advice Trust

MAT or the Money Advice Trust is a charitable organization that was formed back in 1991. The organization’s President Baroness Jean Coussins and a board of Trustees govern the operations of the whole company. This company was created with the aim to increase the quality and the availability of free and independent financial advice across the UK.

Money Advice Trust is working with various government and private sectors, together with the top advice agencies in the UK to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of advice of financial matter. Improve its overall quality and availability to as many people as possible. They work under their vision to help people across the UK to deal with their debts and learn how to manage their finances wisely. Their mission is to give support to micro-businesses and individuals across the UK to be free from their debts and into achieving a healthy financial future. Through the delivery of advice to the public, giving out free financial advice, supporting their advisers, sharing their information and research to influence general policies and coordination initiatives to improve the quality of advice, Money Advice Trust ensures that all people across the UK can benefit from their free independent advice.

The Money Advice Trust, as part of their national strategy for advice services also offers debt advice to the general public as well as provides money advisers professional quality training. The company also raises funds through their various sponsors to guarantee a long term and secured funding for their professional financial advice services.

As part of their free financial services, other key activities of Money Advice Trust also include giving support to various debt advice agencies by providing high-quality training, policy, research, specialist support, fundraising, quality assurance developments, strategy development, facilitation and direct service provision, using their partner programs like the Business Debtline, My Money Steps and National Debtline.

To further improve the quality and reach of their financial services, the Money Advice Trust created a joined up strategy with other financial agencies to expand the availability of their financial advice across the whole UK.

Over the past few years, the financial advice industry has always been highly divided. But by working together with the other top agencies in the advice sector, the Money Advice Trust can further increase the availability of advice in the most economical and efficient way, making it a lot easier for the public to get access to advice. This partnership can also enhance the effectiveness of the advice given and promote the importance and value of professional advice.